The quest for financial freedom can stop people from pursuing entrepreneurship and it is also the same thing that motivates people to get into business. The potential financial challenges keep people in their comfort zones and the potential upside propels others forward. It is no surprise that entrepreneur at some point will face challenges with money. Many of us do and continue to tear hair out when it comes to financial freedom. But there are others who seem to have this freedom. So where does this freedom come from?

Financial freedom is a broad and diversified term to everyone, but what does it truly mean? An investment is a risk, what we are mostly are exposed to are news headlines of individuals losing money through pyramid schemes. What we never realize is that investors do make great returns and have learnt the art of seeking financial literacy from trusted sources. Do you need to attain a self-financial dependency? If your answer is yes, then you have the reason to invest in Goldenscape LLP.

Goldenscape LLP is an income structured product cutting across all levels of investors. In Goldenscape LLP, investors are required to invest at Ksh.1000,000 for a specific period of time after which the company invests the money in various investment companies in Goldenscape Group Limited. The principal amount paid by the investor matures within the stipulated time frame hence earning interest which is paid to the investor at an agreed time frame.

Investors can redeem their coupons at intervals of either quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on investors’ choice.

advantages of joining the Goldenscape LLP

  • Interest is paid either quarterly, semi-annually or annually giving an investor an opportunity to have have/get money any time they want within the specified intervals.
  • Goldenscape LLP interest appreciates depending on the time frame of paying returns to investors. For instance if you invest for a period of 3 months the interest is 17% while investing the same amount of money for the period of 3 years the interest is 22% P.a
  • Goldenscape LLP has multi sectorial avenues of investment ranging from real estate, agribusiness, technology and logistics. This means profits are attained daily and the risk of investment is diversified, unlike other companies that has only one source of investment.
  • Each investment company associated with Goldenscape LLP uses a  professional management expertise, meaning your investment is safe and secure.
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