Mr Mukhtar Maxamed Ali

Mr Mukhtar AliMukhtar Maxamed Ali, is a Telecommunications Systems Specialist.having worked for over 22 years with international companies in Germany, Holland, England, Belgium and Somaliland. He is now a Network Security Consultant.


Successful business manager, developed and grew a small internet cable company into the largest broadband internet provider in Somaliland. Senior network and security consultant with a focus on developing networks for emerging economies in Africa and the Middle East. Instrumental in establishing the current mobile phone and internet network in Somaliland. Highly experienced project manager and team leader with a history of handling multi-million dollar projects in Africa and Europe. Excellent communicator and effective decision maker. Widely experienced with working and accommodating persons from different cultures and backgrounds.

Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Computer Science (Networking and Security), University of Amsterdam